Martinsburg, PA

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Community Phone Numbers
Police, Fire, Ambulance...................................911
Poison control Center......................800-521-6110
Martinsburg Borough Office.................793-3213
NONEmergency Police.........................793-2838
Martinsburg Municipal Authority...........793-3213
Spring Cove School District Office......224-5124

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Martinsburg, Pennsylvania
(Thank you to Borough Manager, Randy Stoltz who compiled most of this information)

The land on which the Borough of Martinsburg now stands is part of a tract that was purchased from the Six Nations of Indians by the Penn family. This purchase is known as the "Albany Purchase of 1754". A Cayuga Indian Chief named Logan was instrumental in bringing about the purchase.

The "Great Cove" or "Big Cove", which were names given to our area by the Indians, was in 1770 named "Morrison’s Cove" for surveyor James Morrison. In 1785 there were 1500 acres of land surveyed for John Brumbaugh, which is the site where Martinsburg is now located. In 1792 Thomas and Richard Penn issued Brumbaugh a patent for his land.

In 1815 the first commercial building was erected near the square in Martinsburg at 100 East Allegheny Street, which has an elevation of 1407 feet above see level. In 1817 the growing village was made a "Post Town" with George Davies being named the first postmaster in 1821. On April 2, 1832 Martinsburg, which was then part of Bedford County, was incorporated as a Borough by an act of the State Legislature. Martinsburg, which is thought to be named for an early cove pioneer John Martin, is the oldest continuously incorporated borough in Blair County, which was formed from Bedford and Huntingdon Counties in 1846.

By 1850 Martinsburg had grown to a population of 442 and had seen the formation of several churches along with various business. The second half of the century showed modest population growth along with the establishment of the first bank, newspaper, cemetery association, a branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad, kerosene street lights and telephone company. The first Borough Ordinance was passed on Sept. 28, 1878 and stated that no one shall place any material on a public street except for public improvement, the sum of one dollar shall be paid for every such offense committed. On July 4, 1881 the Martinsburg High School building was built at 133 East Allegheny Street and this building is presently being used as the Martinsburg Municipal Building.

The year of 1892 was a very important year with the formation of a fire company, the purchase of a hose cart with 500 feet of hose and water being furnished to the Borough from the Lock Mountain Reservoir. In 1893 a blacksmith shop was purchased to house the fire equipment.

The turn of the century brought continued growth to the Borough with the population reaching 590 in the year 1900. The first decade featured the ground breaking at Bean Hill to build the Brownstone building to house the University of Southern Penna. The Martinsburg Old Folk’s Home, presently the Morrison’s Cove Home, was dedicated along with the first electric light plant being established along South Market Street. Roads were on the agenda for 1919 when West Allegheny Street, South Market Street, and a portion of Locust Street were being paved with vitrified brick. Then in 1924 East Allegheny and North Market Streets were paved with reinforced concrete.

The Morrison’s Cove Memorial Park which currently encompasses nearly 30 acres was incorporated in 1921 and in 1934 a memorial was dedicated to all the soldiers and sailors of the Cove. In 1940 the Borough fire equipment was moved to 133 East Allegheny Street. The need was realized for a wastewater treatment plant and in 1942 a 250,000 gallon per day plant was put into service. In 1948 the Martinsburg Community Library was opened to the public on the second floor of the Municipal Building on Allegheny Street.

By 1950, the population had jumped to 1562. In the 50's, Valley Rural Electric opened an office and the Martinsburg Shoe Co. began operations on Highland Street. Fred B. Higgins, general Borough employee, was appointed on March 6, 1951 by ordinance No. 221 as the first Borough Manager and a new card system was set up to record water and sewer rent.

The 1960's were a busy time for the Martinsburg area. The Morrison’s Cove High School became a Junior High resulting from the construction of the new Central High School building. In 1962 the Cove Apple Packers Cooperative was started in the former Green Giant Cannery building South/West of the Borough. On December 1, 1963 Joseph C. Beach took over the duties of Borough Manager. May 30, 1966 featured the dedication of the "Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Hershberger Memorial Swimming Pool" located at the Morrison’s Cove Memorial Park. The continued growth of the area necessitated the upgrade of the water supply and wastewater treatment. In 1967 Wineland Wells #1 and #2 were drilled just east of the Borough line to provide 350 gallons per minute of water for the Borough and in 1968 the wastewater treatment plant was expanded to double its capacity to 500,000 gallons per day. The last classes were held in the Brownstone building in 1969 as a result of the new Spring Cove Junior High School being built in Taylor Township near Roaring Spring and the consolidation of the Martinsburg and Roaring Spring Junior High Schools. The new Martinsburg Little League Field which was constructed by the D. Merle Tipton Post No. 43 VFW was dedicated in 1969.

In April, 1971 L.C. (Red) and Don Metzler purchased Martinsburg Auto Sales, renamed it to Metzler Auto Sales, and supplied the Cove with new Ford cars & trucks, Mercury cars, Jeep vehicles, and GMC trucks. The 1970's also gave rise to more construction in the area starting in 1972 with a new Post Office being constructed on the North/East corner of the Borough square. Later that year the Borough’s first complete Zoning Ordinance was adopted and in December the Borough fire equipment was moved from the Borough Building to its new and present location at 205 South Market Street. In January, 1974, the newly constructed Homewood Retirement Center located just West of the Borough off South Market Street began accepting residents. 1975 saw the formal opening of the Showalter Apartments on the West side of the Borough. 1982 was a time of celebration when the Borough marked its sesquicentennial year. The Martinsburg Municipal Authority increased its board from five to seven members and in 1985 John K. Hite was appointed as Borough Manager. The Roaring Spring Blank Book sewage pump station was built in 1989 to serve the expanding needs of the company which had relocated to the Cannery building..

The 1990's with the population standing at 2119 has possibly seen more change than any previous decade. The new Martinsburg Elementary School was built in 1991 to replace the Benson and Martin Schools. Also the Municipal Authority had a one million gallon water storage tank constructed to replace the existing reservoir due to requirements in the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. The Wineland Well Field water pumps were connected to a radio telemetry system to aid in operational efficiency and water conservation. On January 6, 1992 Randy K. Stoltz was appointed as the fourth Martinsburg Borough Manager after serving as Borough Coordinator since February 20, 1990. The square widening / new signal lamp construction project was completed in May 1994 to accommodate turning lanes for East / West motorists on Allegheny Street and a new storm water drain system was also installed in the square as part of the project. Over 10,000 feet of main sewer pipe was installed to replace existing lines in conjunction with the new $2.9 million, 700,000 gallon per day wastewater treatment plant that was completed on May 19, 1995. To improve water / sewer billing efficiency a radio read water meter replacement program was started in 1996 and also that year the Roaring Spring Ambulance Service placed an advanced life support ambulance in Martinsburg. In February 1997 Wineland Well #3 was added to the water system, with a water supply output of 245 gallons per minute. The demolition of the Benson School, the railroad station, and the former Querry Motors building all occurred in 1998 with the Replogle Locker Plant building demolition on Railroad Street in 1999. The Martinsburg Milling Co. built a large warehouse on the Querry Motors site in 1999 and the Hershberger Memorial Pool was rededicated after a $140,000 renovation project. The 32 year old Hoover Drive pump station was replaced along with 700 feet of main sewer line at a cost of $197,500. The first Annual Drinking Water Report was delivered to all water customers in September. The end of the decade finished with Y2K planning and Year 2000 census map and address verification.  Into 2000, the future for Morrison's Cove looks great to make a living and raise a family.  Welcome to Martinsburg, PA.


DIRECTIONS to Martinsburg, PA Borough Building:


-North on SR22 to Altoona/Bedford "Y"
-Exit to Right Toward Bedford on I-99
-Take Portage/Roaring Spring/Airport Exit
-Go straight at signal light for 4 miles on SR36 to Roaring Spring
-Make Left on SR164 East at light towards Martinsburg
-Go 4 miles on 164E to signal light in Martinsburg
-Go straight through signal light one block and make left onto Wall St.
-We are in the green building on the corner of E. Allegheny and Wall Streets


-Go North on I-99 toward Altoona for approximately 20 miles
-Take Portage/Roaring Spring/Airport Exit
-Go straight on signal light for 4 miles on SR36 to Roaring Spring
-Make Left on SR164 East at light towards Martinsburg
-Go 4 miles on 164E to signal light in Martinsburg
-Go straight through signal light one block and make left onto Wall St.
-We are in the green building on the corner of E. Allegheny and Wall Streets


-Take SR30 out of Breezewood WEST toward Everett
-Take 26 North, Huntingdon/Raystown Lake/Altoona Exit
-Go 8 miles to 36 North and make a left at the mobile Station
-Go 8.6 miles to 866 North and make a right to Martinsburg
-Go 5.8 miles to Martinsburg's signal light and make a right
-Go one block and make left onto Wall Street
-We are in the green building on the corner of E. Allegheny and Wall Streets


Morrison's Cove Memorial Park Phone Numbers:
Park Office...........................................793-2176
Hershberger Memorial Pool.............793-9920
Martinsburg Library..........................793-3335



Pictures of the Morrison's Cove Memorial Park

Tennis Courts (Martinsburg Elementary School in background), Little League Field, Hershberger Pool, Main Building (which includes 10 lane Bowling Alley - Roller Skating - Library - Dining & Catering Facility - Basketball - Senior Citizen Room),  Picnic Pavilions, Cattle Display Barns, & Acorn Cove Play Park

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